The Rival House

One of our special episodes we did was The Rival House – a rival house of
goody goody puppets arrives and threatens to destroy the peace and tranquility of Dan and his halfway house of bad puppets.

Are these puppets as nice as they look? Or could something else be lurking in the background? Watch and see.

We were lucky to get the fine Canadian actor Peter Outerbridge to play the social worker of our rival halfway house. And we shot some fun location stuff on the streets of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – the locals loved that. Well, most did….a few seemed not so amused.

We’ll do a post in the future about the building of these rival house puppets – Some of our favorite episodes had ‘guest puppet’ characters. The guest puppets were all great in their own right.

We’ll do a blog soon about all the different guest puppets we used….one off puppets who mostly died in the episode.