Rocko used to be the sidekick on a popular children’s TV show, until one day he snapped. Now he’s a tough-talking, chain-smoking dog with some serious anger issues.     Watch Rocko's best episodes. Now streaming online at HULU and HULU Plus.

  • Rocko Gets A Lung
  • Button Goes To Court
  • Rocko and the Twins
  • Dead Ted
  • Prostitutes for Jesus

Vital Statistics

Rocko used to be the sidekick on a popular children’s TV show…until one day he snapped.

  1. Like most dogs Rocko can smell fear. Rocko can smell sexual weakness and how much money you have in your savings account.
  2. Rocko has never killed in anger but he hopes to try it someday soon
  3. Medically, Rocko is perfectly normal. He is not, as has been alleged, cold-blooded or hardhearted….though, interestingly, he is able to eviscerate a nun without any change in his pulse rate.
  1. Rocko was the fifth of an unwanted litter of eight. Could the lack of parental warmth explain his deeply antisocial behaviour? Nah, he’s just a little prick
  1. Cigarettes
  2. Beer
  3. That soft spot on top of a child’s head
  1. Every decent thing you stand for
  1. Hobbies are for pussy’s