Buttons, a cute adorable little bear, was designed by marketing experts to be the charming corporate mascot for a giant multinational corporation. However, they forgot to give him any sense of morality so his only goal in life is the pursuit of pleasure, which tends to mean bedding down as many sexual partners as possible.     Watch Buttons' best episodes. Now streaming online at HULU and HULU Plus.

  • Buttons On A Hot Tin Roof
  • Dan and the Garden Shears
  • Buttons The Dresser
  • Buttons and the Counsellor's Wife
  • Buttons and The Geriatic
  • The Joyride
  • Buttons Goes To Court
  • Dead Ted
  • Buttons and the Dying Wish Foundation

Vital Statistics

Designed by marketing experts to be the corporate mascot for large multinational company. Lost job
for reasons of ’moral turpitude.’

  1. At a casual glimpse he seems to have no sex organs whatsoever. But who could be satisfied with a casual glimpse?
  1. To beat Wilt Chamberlain’s record…and we’re not talking basketball

  1. Pleasure
  2. Indulgence
  3. Lonely widows with Trust funds
  4. Seeing his reflection in a lifeless unblinking eye
  1. Angry husbands
  2. Nine out of ten commandments
  1. Your wife