Bill, is a retro-looking 1920’s style ventriloquist dummy. He is the classic creepy looking puppet who you think might try to kill you, and in Bill’s case you’d be right. He’s had fifty-eight ventriloquist partners die in unlikely ‘accidents’.     Watch Bill's best episodes. Now streaming online at HULU and HULU Plus.

  • Buttons The Dresser
  • Buttons and The Geriatric
  • Bill's Brain
  • Dead Ted
  • Bill and The Berkowitz’s
  • Bill Sues
  • Dead Ted
  • Prostitutes For Jesus
  • Buttons and The Dying Wish Foundation

Vital Statistics

Bill’s had 58 ventriloquist partners all die in unlikely ‘accidents.’

  1. Bill’s a Libra
  2. Bill’s favourite colour is red
  3. Bill’s favourite pattern is the radial spatter
  4. Bill’s favourite animals are the bone stripping maggot and kitty cats.
  1. To learn to locate the carotid artery blindfolded
  2. To find a true and lasting friend
  3. To find a true friend’s carotid artery blindfolded

  1. Long walks through isolated ravines
  2. Covering tracks with leaves
  3. Thinking up witty rejoinders to desperate pleas for mercy
  4. Gaining the trust of old people
  1. New developments in forensic science
  1. Ceramics
  2. Bossa Nova music
  3. Pushing people down stairs