Kristin Lehman… Once A Love Interest, Now A Star

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Dan hopes that his halfway house reforms the puppets before they get released back into society. You’ll be happy to hear there is at least one cast member who has reformed — though not who you might expect… the beautiful Kristin Lehman… once a love interest, now a star.

Kristin Lehman played Honeypot in the episode ‘Buttons on a Hot Tin Roof’. The rambunctious Southern wife of the one-eyed, wheelchair bound Colonel quickly catches the eye of Buttons, before her love of Buttons overshadows the love of her husband.


Kristin is tackling suspense of a different kind on her newest show, the smash hit Canadian series Motive. After racking up over a million viewers, the show was picked up by ABC in the United States.


Kristin plays Detective Angie Flynn in Motive, which focuses less on who murdered who, but why. It’s a breath of fresh air among the cops and morgues of network TV, and Kristin knew it from the start.


She’s clearly taken the experience to heart. Since Puppets Who Kill, Kristin has tackled much talked about shows like Castle, Prison Break, and The Killing. Each of those series garnered huge success before calling it a day.


She’s also had time to hone her chops playing on both sides of the law. From her turn on Puppets Who Kill, she played the other side of the law on shows like Judging Amy, Killer Instinct and Human Target.


And she doesn’t shy away from the big screen, either, with favourites like The Chronicles of Riddick, The Way of the Gun, and Lie With Me under her belt.


But, she’s thrown in the bad-boy loving ways of Puppets Who Kill, and is now strictly playing on the side of good. At least, for now.


Motive is almost finished filming it’s second season. Along with it airing later this year, she’ll also appear in the motion picture The Loft. This is one star that’s shining bright.