About - Puppets Who Kill


Puppets Who Kill is a TV comedy series about a halfway house for very bad puppets – Puppets who lie, puppets who cheat, puppets who have no respect for human life or dignity… puppets who kill.

The series is centred around Dan Barlow [Dan Redican], a resoundingly incompetent human social worker who runs a halfway house for criminally insane puppets: Buttons the sex addicted Bear, Bill the psychopathic ventriloquist dummy, Rocko the thuggish dog and Cuddles the emotionally unstable comfort doll.

Together they engage in sordid behaviour, questionable ethics, pettiness and small mindedness. Badness and mayhem abound. Good judgement….not so much.

Puppets Who Kill is based on a theatre show written and created by John Pattison. The shows creative producers are John Pattison and Shawn Alex Thompson and it’s produced by PWK Productions Inc.

The series premiered in Canada on The Comedy Network in 2002, and in Australia on The Comedy Channel in 2004. It has also been broadcast in India, South Korea and Germany.

Over four seasons, the series won three Gemini Awards (now called the Canadian Screen Awards) out of a total of fifteen nominations. Puppets Who Kill also picked up a prestigious Bronze Rose at the 2003 Montreux Television Festival in Montreux, Switzerland as runner up in the best comedy series category – coming in second to The Office.

Puppets Who Kill is now available for the first time to American audiences on HULU and HULU Plus.